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Tech Alley Launches Startup Stories and News Wire.

Non-profit makes it easier for startups to share news and information by providing a free article and press release service.

Las Vegas, NV

Tech Alley announced the launch of Startup Stories and News Wire, free services that allows founders to publish information and news about their startups. Tech Alley believes that providing these services will bring more awareness of entrepreneur ecosystems and attract more people to participate in local technology and startup communities.

These services are the brainchild of Tech Alley Denver organizer Joseph Haecker, a serial entrepreneur with over twenty-three tech companies, including a media and broadcasting company.

"The start up ecosystem is in a constant state of re-invention," says Joseph. "Startups are born from inspiration unique to the many founders and circumstances that led to their "ah ha" moment. Too often, these stories are buried in an about section, forgotten, or never shared, due to the natural churn of the startup ecosystem."

With Startup Stories, founders fill out a form focused on themselves and their business. They share details on what inspired them to launch a startup, hurdles they faced, lessons they learned, and more. Once finished, Tech Alley creates a digital magazine article for them based on the answers they provided. These articles are designed to be shared in order to bring more attention to startups and their founders.

News Wire is set up as a free press release for startups to announce new business launches, products, services, or other news. Similar to Startup Stories, the author completes an online form with elements specific to a standard press release (headline, sub header, body, boiler plate, and contact information). The answers are automatically transferred to the Tech Alley site, where it is reviewed and published on the site as a press release.

Tech Alley shares all Startup Stories and News Wire through its social media, which includes tags to local news, economic development, and business organizations to spread more awareness and to showcase the activities within a local technology and startup community.

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Tech Alley is a non-profit created to build and support local technology and startup communities. Our goal is to ensure that when people are interested in technology and entrepreneurism, they can find a place to engage that scene, network, and learn from those eager to share knowledge. Tech Alley's mission is to strengthen communities by bringing people together, fostering a creative class, and creating an inclusive, diverse, and innovative technology and startup culture.
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