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Headshot James Rupe

James Rupe


James been investing in cryptocurrency since 2016, and has decades of experience managing computer systems, servers, and has worked in medicine with a board certification in physics.

Early investing in crypto has changed his life forever. He decided to dive into blockchain technology and become an educator for the space. He is currently the owner and operator of a Crypto Stake-Pool for the Cardano Network He will teach the macro view of our economy and exactly what role crypto and Cardano have to play.

If you’ve ever wanted to enter into this new emerging market but weren’t sure how, you need to watch his seminar! He will escort you safely into the crypto space the right way and help you avoid traps like custody holders that take your interest for themselves.

Don’t get scammed, learn, integrate and, enjoy watching what most are calling, “The largest wealth transfer the world has ever seen."