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Tech Alley launched in 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada, to build the Vegas tech and startup scene by providing a platform that brings technology, entrepreneur, and innovation groups into one place.

Our founder, Josh Leavitt, sought to inspire a mentorship culture by turning mentors into superstars. His vision ignited a Vegas startup movement that attracted founders, investors, and experts in all areas to share their advice, grow talent, and help bring ideas to market.

Tech Alley has become the Accelerator of Activity and the Heart of the Startup Culture by making knowledge-sharing simple through our events, startup resources, networks, and discounts.
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Tech Alley events are always free, inclusive, and the place to engage the tech and startup scene.
Connecting the dots
We support our members with events, discounts, resources, and access to our robust network of founders, tech leaders, investors, and partners.
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Dave Burlin
Las Vegas