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Geniechat was founded in 2022 by 4-time founder Jessica Kane. Jessica Kane is an award-winning Founder & CMO, specializing in the art of brand building and scaling through the transformative power of conversation.

With over 15 years in omni-channel marketing, she has successfully established numerous online social media communities, collectively reaching an astounding audience of over 100 million women. Moreover, her personal brand alone has captivated and impacted the lives of more than 5 million individuals.

After just one year of business, Geniechat has already disrupted the male-dominated sales enablement industry and coined the "holy grail" app by female sellers around the world.

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Hustle Partners

Hustle Partners is a data and technology company based in Northen Nevada. Our goal is to use technology and data to improve how people learn, work, and communicate in an ethical and transparent way. We provide a labor marketplace that is accessible, equitable, and flexible by teaching others and turning our experiences into actionable data. We do this by sourcing culturally matched employees quickly, at a lower cost than traditional options, while leveling up existing employees and jobseekers to fit the changing needs of Nevada's labor market.

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Green Side Up Vertical Farms

We are a innovative local vertical farming company that develops micrograms
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Hutano is a healthcare company offering convenience and peace of mind in a field known for chaos and inefficiency - healthcare! We are making it easy for patients to access primary care. When patients can actually book appointments and see their primary care providers in hours instead of months, they reduce the risk of costly ER visits and hospitalizations.

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I am a 24 year old entrepreneur who owns a tech startup called CutNet. CutNet is a mobile hair service that sends hair professionals to customers no matter the place.
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Join inCrowd

Thanks for having me! So, my name is Joseph Haecker, and I'm a startup addict.

I say that, only partially kiddingly.

Currently, I own twenty-three tech companies, a media and broadcasting company, I am the Tech Alley Chapter Organizer for Denver, and I am COO for The International Association of Home Staging Professionals.

My more notable startups are, Top of Mind Digital Magazines, Publik Speakr, Scavenger Fest, and Join inCrowd.

I did say that this was an addiction...

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