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Ephraim Makuve
CEO | Founder

Hutano is a healthcare company offering convenience and peace of mind in a field known for chaos and inefficiency - healthcare! We are making it easy for patients to access primary care. When patients can actually book appointments and see their primary care providers in hours instead of months, they reduce the risk of costly ER visits and hospitalizations.


Ivin Huggan
CEO and Founder
I am a 24 year old entrepreneur who owns a tech startup called CutNet. CutNet is a mobile hair service that sends hair professionals to customers no matter the place.

Join inCrowd

Joseph Haecker

Thanks for having me! So, my name is Joseph Haecker, and I'm a startup addict.

I say that, only partially kiddingly.

Currently, I own twenty-three tech companies, a media and broadcasting company, I am the Tech Alley Chapter Organizer for Denver, and I am COO for The International Association of Home Staging Professionals.

My more notable startups are, Top of Mind Digital Magazines, Publik Speakr, Scavenger Fest, and Join inCrowd.

I did say that this was an addiction...

James T Rupe

My interest in the economy, finance, and investments have pushed me the forefront of the blockchain revolution. Learning about the encryption and the code that supports this technology. These new tools and technology will revolutionize our future. I have a personal passion to share what I've learned over the decade of researching how this tech works. The real-world use cases is tech are self-custody, private yield, security, with a strong background of where our economy is slated to go. If we use these new tools correctly many can be spared from transitional state in our current economic environment.

Tech Alley

Joshua Leavitt

I grew up in Las Vegas and consider myself a STEM advocate and a workforce champion and actively promote careers in technology and building talent pipelines. Though I've started a few companies in my lifetime, I see myself as a newcomer to entrepreneurism. Currently, I'm the CEO of three organizations that I've either founded or co-founded. One of those organizations is Tech Alley, a non-profit with a mission to strengthen communities by bringing people together, fostering a creative class, and creating an inclusive, diverse, and innovative technology and startup culture. We accomplish our mission by hosting monthly events that bring the tech and startup communities together to share knowledge, networking, and welcome folks to the entrepreneur ecosystem. It has been quite the adventure!


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