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DJ Uch Begins Web 3, Blockchain Development for UK Music Company, Incognito Recordings

The Las Vegas-based crypto expert moves into blockchain development, creating NFT's & Web 3 solutions for the England-based record label.

Las Vegas, Nevada

DJ Uch, a Las Vegas-based crypto expert and founder of Your Stocks Now Academy, is bringing his expertise to the UK music scene. He has announced that he will be beginning Web 3 and blockchain development for Incognito Recordings, an England-based music company that is focused on disco and disco-house music. Powered by PIUR Tech, (founded by DJ Uch) the principal focus will be on NFT creation and Web 3 solutions for the label, in a move that demonstrates DJ Uch’s commitment to the music industry and belief in the power of blockchain technology to transform it.

The move to incorporate blockchain technology into the music industry is gaining traction, as it offers a new way for artists and labels to monetize their content and engage with their fans. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, have become a popular use case for blockchain technology in the music industry, as they offer a way to create unique, digital assets that can be sold or traded. By using NFTs and Web 3 solutions, Incognito Recordings will be able to offer a more engaging and interactive experience to its fans, while also creating new revenue streams for the label and its artists.

Incognito Recordings, founded by Liverpool-born DJ Craig Talent, is excited to work with DJ Uch and leverage his expertise in the crypto space. The label is looking to expand its offerings in the digital music arena, and believes that DJ Uch's experience and knowledge will be instrumental in achieving this goal. With the help of blockchain technology, Incognito Recordings is poised to take its place among the top music labels in the UK and beyond.


DJ UCH helps working professionals overcome their lack of knowledge about stocks and bitcoin by teaching them in simple, easy to understand lessons.

He’s the author of “10 Ways For You To Win the Stock Market,” a book that makes being in the financial markets easy to understand.

Uch has been featured in the NY Post, Shortlist Dubai, and BBC Radio 1.

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