Picture of Joseph VanDursen

Joseph VanDusen

Entrepreneurs in Action

In June of 2018, while splitting his time between the Air National Guard and his Regional flying job, he was hired at a Major airline and quickly progressed from flying domestic routes to another dream goal of flying the 787 Dreamliner to amazing international destinations!

The pandemic hit in early 2020 and Joseph was facing a furlough situation at the airline—never deterred, he chose to finish a book he had started to partially fulfill the promise he had made to his Mentor. He self-published “Stealth Elevate” on Amazon and through the process, he discovered he could grow a company focused on helping people achieve in Life, Leadership, Relationships and Business! Again, without any previous experience, just like he had done in every other challenge in life, he took one step forward, learned new skills and opened Stealth Elevation LLC. Now, he is focused on not only his flying career, but also helping others become Elite in Life, Leadership, Relationships and Business!

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