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Thanks for taking the time to sit with us to share your Startup Story with our readers. Can you start out by sharing a little bit about yourself and your company?

My interest in the economy, finance, and investments have pushed me the forefront of the blockchain revolution. Learning about the encryption and the code that supports this technology. These new tools and technology will revolutionize our future. I have a personal passion to share what I've learned over the decade of researching how this tech works. The real-world use cases is tech are self-custody, private yield, security, with a strong background of where our economy is slated to go. If we use these new tools correctly many can be spared from transitional state in our current economic environment.

With a million business ideas out there, what makes your business unique?

My "ah ha" moment was when I have realized how the technology worked and how empowering it was for each individual that used it.

Every business has some sort of catalyst for getting started, or some inspiration. What was your "ah ha" moment?

The problem our business solves is confusion and often loss of finds while entering the blockchain space. Many enter not understanding why blockchain is here and how we are to use this tech. It is difficult for many to properly navigate this new and exciting development. We teach the core foundations to this technology including the purpose for which it is here and how to use it. Our lessons are universal and translate to all blockchain technology.

Launching a business is hard. Do you have a team or people that have helped you along the way? And, can you share a little bit about that?

My team and I have an accumulated 60 years of education behind us with over 25 years of computer development. Our team is keenly suited to explain this technology to the public in an effort to reduce and prevent loss of valuable assets money and our time.

People love an inside scoop. What is something most people might not know about you or your company?

We do most of this work from the heart. We decided to peruse these directions due to many suffering from lack of basic knowledge. Many turning over money or choosing projects based off false or well-intended stories. Blockchain is a protection mechanism, and we teach you how to use it.

Every business hits that wall, or hurdle. What is a major hurdle your business is facing?

Right now, the largest hurdle is production. We have wonderful lessons and want to present them is ways that are impactful for all the learn. We are always looking for likeminded individuals to help to produce content and help speed up our scaling.

Starting and running a business is a major learning experience. Up until this point, what is the biggest lesson you have learned about running your business and the field you are in?

You must do it... Running your own business requires you to do the work and find others like you to get things done. Many have ideas but few will produce. Work with produces, and you may find victory.

For those first learning about your business, could you share three key takeaways that you believe our readers should know about you, your business or your product/solution?

This is a project from the heart to protect those who otherwise would suffer. We started this by putting time and our own money due to the need for this education. We not only hope to education but reward supporting others and deleverage monopolistic business design. Real world power to the people with blockchain technology.

Why should people use your company or solution?

We sell only knowledge of how the future financial landscape works. We are not selling a product other than education. Very powerful to learn at this time of development of the largest financial system the world has ever known.

Are you currently seeking funding, co-founders or building out your team?

We are always looking for likeminded contributors for our project development. YES

Well, it has been wonderful sitting with you today to learn more about you and your company. How can people find out more about what you guys are up to?

You can of course check us out at Tech Alley every month. Also, we have a twitter and YouTube, and we will be starting a podcast sometime in the future. Please don’t hesitate to follow us and support the cause for liberty and empowerment to the people. Twitter @CardanoMint

Thank you for taking the time today to sit with us and share your Startup Story.
James T Rupe
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