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Thanks for taking the time to sit with us to share your Startup Story with our readers. Can you start out by sharing a little bit about yourself and your company?
I am a 24 year old entrepreneur who owns a tech startup called CutNet. CutNet is a mobile hair service that sends hair professionals to customers no matter the place.
With a million business ideas out there, what makes your business unique?
When I was in college, I had a friend who went around campus and cut hair on the side by going to student dorms. When I asked him to come to me and cut my hair, he came, and as he was cutting my hair, that's when it hit me. I asked myself "Why isn't there a business that does this?" That's when I came up with the idea in 2019.
Every business has some sort of catalyst for getting started, or some inspiration. What was your "ah ha" moment?
My business is solving the problem of finding hair professionals that are right for a specific customer. Our solution, pairing customers with hair professionals based on hair preferences. We narrow down the possible hair professionals that can provide you what you need, show customers the available hair professionals and they will go to customers homes once chosen.
Launching a business is hard. Do you have a team or people that have helped you along the way? And, can you share a little bit about that?
People love an inside scoop. What is something most people might not know about you or your company?
That it is not a normal hair service or barber app. It is a tech startup.
Every business hits that wall, or hurdle. What is a major hurdle your business is facing?
Getting the word out to people about our service.
Starting and running a business is a major learning experience. Up until this point, what is the biggest lesson you have learned about running your business and the field you are in?
Take your time. Not rush. Enjoy every victory whether it be big or small.
For those first learning about your business, could you share three key takeaways that you believe our readers should know about you, your business or your product/solution?
That I am a go-getter. My business focuses on customer needs and services them anytime, anywhere.
Why should people use your company or solution?
Picking the right person knowing that they can handle your hair, skillful and up to date with the latest hair trends is better than dealing with someone who doesn't have the essentials things that won't result in wasting a customer's time.
Are you currently seeking funding, co-founders or building out your team?
We are seeking funding and expanding our team.
Well, it has been wonderful sitting with you today to learn more about you and your company. How can people find out more about what you guys are up to?
Linkedin: CutNet LLC, Instagram: cutnet_llc, and facebook: CutNet
Thank you for taking the time today to sit with us and share your Startup Story.
Ivin Huggan
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